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Assima creates technology solutions to support largescale application deployments, delivering measurable return on investment through increased user performance.

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How Does It Work?

Assima Support Center is built around the concept of "tickets": an ticket is a question or a problem submitted by Assima's Products users. This system allows Assima's support and development teams to manage the process of answering questions and correcting problems.

A status is associated with each ticket. During the lifecycle of the ticket, this status will change until the ticket is closed, which means the user considers the question has been answered or the problem corrected satisfactorily.

Each ticket can have comments associated to it. Comments are used to describe the problem and provide as much information as possible about it.

For instance, the user must explain what kind of ticket occurred and how it can be reproduced. Assima's support and development teams will also post comments as necessary, for instance when more information is required, to give tips and hints, to provide answers, etc. This is a very effective way to communicate because all comments related to a given ticket are kept in and available for consultation from the same place.

When adding a comment, it is also possible to attach one or several files to it. This enables Assima Support Center users to submit their thesaurus, some screenshots, sample applications that reproduce the problem, or even entire applications into Assima Support Center.

 Email Notifications
Each time someone posts a new comment, the person who reported the ticket will be notified by email, so that the user has the latest information and is able to follow the status of the ticket.


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